Saturn square Uranus, first of three in 2021

Adolf Wölfli
The Eyeglass-Butterfly in India by Adolf Wölfli

We can sum up one of the manifestations of this energetic dance with the quote from Anais Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Change is never easy. We resist shedding old comfortable skins as living a life of complacent mediocrity is much more predictable, safe and secure than redirecting our soul’s GPS towards our Blossom. Saturnian structures and responsibilities are important. They give our lives a scaffold on which to latch and grow from. But at times, they can begin to feel like a corset strung so tight, movement is restricted. It’s hard to breathe. The disrupting influence of Uranus rips open those tight strings allowing us to move in new ways.

In The Archetypal Universe, Renn Butler writes of Saturn-Uranus like this: “Conscious and deliberate freeing of oneself… breakthroughs in deep self exploration by becoming the resistance… Unexpected rewards for one’s pain… the surprising shift as personal suffering suddenly becomes archetypal in scope.”

Saturn square Uranus is the key signature this year. I have a feeling that many of us are in the process of blooming. Trust the process.

Art: Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli who invented a Uranian history for himself after a deeply troubling childhood where he transformed from orphan to Saint! He lived a tortured life, often inflicting the atrocities done to him on others. He became his resistance, yet offered his blossom through the outsider art he left behind. This piece entitled: The Eyeglass-Butterfly in India. The image is in the public domain.