Solar Eclipse 19° Gemini 47′

Video still from Shine by Yael Naïm

June 10 at 5:53am Central—We’re in a liminal time right now as we navigate eclipse season. New moons signal new beginnings. But first—and especially with eclipses—they’re often preceded by a crossroads. Decisions, like highway billboards advertising restaurant choices for the hungry traveller, appear now. What are you in the mood for? Which choice best nourishes you? It doesn’t have to be forever. It’s just another step in the evolutionary journey towards home.

In 36 Faces, Austin Coppock refers to the second decan of Gemini as getting to know all the possible paths available. There can be a restless desire to juggle everything as we express our multitudinal self, especially when Rahu (the North Node) is present like it is now.

In another scenario, we try on every prom dress in the mall, each one highlighting another aspect of us, only to go back to the first one we knew was ours. How much evidence do we need before we know what’s right for us? When will we start to Virgo the Gemini by distilling what we already know and disseminating it in a practical manner?

14 hours after the eclipse, Mercury retrogrades into the heart of the Sun. Called Cazimi, this is a special moment for our lunation ruler and it happens in the next decan at 20° Gemini. There’s a new storyline beginning to form. Coppock shares we make judgement calls to go one way or another in Gemini’s 3rd Decan. Hard decisions take place. If the first two faces of The Twins are about trying on all the prom dresses, we decide the one we take home with us in the third.

Hidden by the light of the Sun and square to Neptune, the decisions—like Mercury—are beginning to constellate beneath a blurry surface. To take root and eventually blossom, they need the life force of our entrained attention, energy and resources. Perhaps now is the time we need to decide: what do we release back into the cosmic wild so we can better focus on our chosen path? If you’re unsure: which choice best nourishes you? It doesn’t have to be forever.