Mars in Leo :: June 11 – July 29, 2021

Applause by Lady Gaga

After seven weeks of using lunar tools do to martial things, Mars is more than ready to depart the sign of its fall and enter the regal and iron-willed sign of Leo tomorrow. Mars in Leo expresses itself using solar tools such as creativity, visibility and generosity. Just like the Sun which rules the sign of Leo, Mars in the lion’s den radiates with charisma, confidence and presence.

As Mars moves to mid Leo, he’ll be making two important transits. July 1st, Mars will oppose Saturn. Two days later, he will square Uranus. The end of June until July 4th will feel a bit pressurized and even volatile as Mars uncomfortably faces off with Saturn only to encounter Uranus.

For those of us involved in a herculean effort, this could signal the last difficult push to the liberating finish line. For others, it will be wise to keep a vigilant check on any self righteousness that could arise at this time. Even though Mars in Leo comes across as self-assured, he also has a tendency to take things too personally which can find him lashing out against criticism or even worse: cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Mars energizes Leo until July 29th when he enters Virgo. Words to live by during this time: “Fortune favors the bold” by Roman poet Virgil who had his Mars in Leo.

The Image is a still from Lady Gaga’s Applause video. According to Wikipedia, Applause was inspired by the cheers of her fans which kept her motivated when she was in pain during the Born This Way tour. The song pays respect to the art of performance. The Sun—ruler of Leo—heals, as does the cheering spotlight!