Sun enters Aries: Pioneers of the Zodiac

March 19, 2020 at 9:52pm CST—The world seems to have changed overnight. If I were assembling a team of crusaders right now, I’d definitely ask the Sun in Aries to come on board.

The Sun, our vitality and core essence, is in his exaltation in Aries. In the Cardinal, yang fire sign ruled by Mars, the primary impulse is to initiate and take charge, foregoing diplomatic niceties. Aries gets down to the quick in a flash, appreciating honesty, loyalty and frankness. Filled with the courageous spirit of Mars, Aries surges forward in order to respond to challenges. Aries is not a waiter & watcher. Rather, Aries is a first responder, putting their own self in danger to follow their innate heroic impulses.

You can find an Aries Sun courageously standing by their principles. Take Sun-in-Aries Reese Witherspoon for example. Vogue called her “Activist, Advocate, and Hollywood’s Moral Compass”. The fiery actor and businesswoman crusades for greater representation in Hollywood for all genders, orientations, colors and ages. Her greatest advocacy has been for better and complex roles for women over 30.

When she learned from her agent that there just weren’t enough roles for women her age, Reese created her own production company, Hello Sunshine (so Sun in Aries!) developed scripts from books she liked, and cast appropriately aged women in strong female roles. She’s definitely on to something: HBO’s Big Little Lies took home 8 Emmys. Both Gone Girl and Wild were box office hits. The Morning Show made history with nominations for three Golden Globes. It seems that everything Reese touches turns to gold. True to her Sun in Aries, it comes from her passionate heart. By wanting to have good roles for herself, she’s created a powerful platform using diverse actors to bring the characters alive. This is the Sun in Aries at its best: by being proactive and creating opportunities for oneself, the pioneering Aries paves the way for others.

Photo of Reese Witherspoon by Jackiet Nickerson for Vanity Fair