Sun enters Scorpio

​Mornings are quieter these days. Evenings too. As I walk my dog, the stretching light yawns across the leaves and cobblestones. September’s celebrations have wrapped up taking the fireworks and tourists with them. Now Introspection and Solidarity sweep through the city like galvanic winds, their faces turned towards the sidewalk as they huddle together under a serape of whispers. In the plaza, vendors are selling candles, flowers, baked goods and delicate sugar sculptures for Day of the Dead. Scorpio season in Mexico ushers in a time of acknowledging ancestors and creating alters to revere them while remembering our roots.

There’s a pensive, inward quality to Scorpio. After the social exertion of Libra, the Sun in Scorpio dives deep into a hidden cenote where it lays to rest, regenerate and eventually, resurrect. This can be a time of breakdown and decay, of shedding and shadow work, of cutting through all the cover up until only the bone truth remains. The process serves as compost for the transformative impulse to rise up, like a revivified Lazarus.

Another rise-up example is Demi Moore whose recently published tell-all memoir, Inside Out, is her story of survival and transformation. Demi has her Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the cathartic waters of Scorpio.

Illustration by @qetzaart