The Feels

Having stationed direct two days ago, Mercury’s reticular activating system is booting up in a sign that remembers everything. Cancer may not always speak her mind, but she feels things deeply. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer is responsive and will address the challenge, even if she has to come at it sideways.

With Mars having just passed over Chiron in Aries—another Cardinal sign—trauma from the past may have erupted recently wearing a new guise. This Chiron-Mars duo squares Mercury plunging a dagger into the vulnerable past that holds medicine wrapped in a memory gauze of hurt. Remember: body and mind are always looking to become whole. Yesteryear can resurface now and be dealt with as the old wounds are felt as grief or rage in the body.

If this resonates with you, see if you can sit with it and acknowledge those parts that need to be witnessed in love. Mercury in Cancer along with today’s Taurus Moon know how to do this.