Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. Reckoning

July 4, 2020 at 10:43pm Central—American folk musician and fiddler John Hartford said: “The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.” With this in mind, it’s interesting to look at Saturn’s cycle through Capricorn. Saturn entered Capricorn December 2017 holding the coattails of the #metoo movement. That same month, Time Magazine’s person of the year featured The Silence Breakers, the women who publicly came forward to denounce serial rapist Harvey Weinstein. On the cover, five somber women dressed in black faced the camera. To the right, a cropped elbow symbolized the millions who could not denounce their abusers. As Saturn re-enters Capricorn from the prickly 3rd decan and the Capricorn Moon opposes a Cancer Sun in a third and final eclipse, I believe we will come back full circle to illuminate Time’s symbolic elbow.

As the Lord of Karma, Saturn might take his time but he eventually delivers on the promise of reaping what you sow. Prince Andrew’s Midheaven is at 23° Aries. Saturn will activate this sensitive spot from Capricorn by an overcoming square for 57 days all of September and most of October. In addition, today’s eclipse conjuncts his natal Saturn at 14°55′ Cap. Meanwhile, with her Saturn at 28°56′, Ghislaine Maxwell is experiencing her second Saturn Return. We can expect to see a dizzying fall from grace for both of them. The question is: who will they bring down with them?

Photographs with Trump, Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein are trending. Coincidentally, Trump’s Venus at 26° Cancer and Saturn at 24° Cancer will be opposing Saturn and squaring Mars when his friends are reaping what they’ve sown. During an election time, this could play out many ways; but it is noteworthy. The lunar eclipse opposes the United States Sun (13°19′ Cancer) by degree. The Sun also symbolizes the leader of the country. There was a Lunar Eclipse at 14° Cap July 6, 1963, the same year JFK was assassinated. I’m not saying that Trump will be assassinated or implicated in the sex scandal. But given his Saturn opposition, we can surmise the past will catch up to him.

Back to The Elbow in Time’s Person of the Year. In this lunation, could she be Vesta conjunct the Sun almost to the minute? She has the ear of the Sun. It’s her story that Mercury will be trumpeting as he steps out from the Sun’s beams and into visibility July 11. Vesta has a rich history and symbolism. In shorthand, she represents our inner fire and vital spirit. As goddess of the hearth, she provides protection and sanctuary. She symbolises both sacred sexuality and chastity as well as the problematic Madonna-Whore complex. It would seem that she has kept her inner fire burning. The flame of truth as well as the vitalizing quest for justice never went out. As the elbow emerges we see the face of young women sexually exploited by the rich, powerful and wealthy elite.

As Saturn crossed back over into Capricorn a few days ago, Mars conjoined Asteroid #399: Persephone, bringing her back from the Underworld, pomegranate in hand. She’s been awakened now. Meanwhile, the goddess of strife and discord and the voice of the disenfranchised, Eris, puts on her chain mail as she prepares for war. Her brother Mars joins her side several times this year to square off with the dark underbelly of the powerful (Pluto) and Lord of Karma (Saturn). The Pied Piper’s collection agency will be working overtime as Saturn completes the final leg of his transit through Capricorn.