Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio :: Releasing as a form of self-preservation

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar EclipseMay 15, 2022 at 11:14pm Central—Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio ushers in the second episode of the series of eclipses unfolding along our Taurus-Scorpio axis. This story began last November and will close October of 2023 when the pair of houses containing Scorpio and Taurus receive a final eclipse. From now until then, the plot progresses every six months as a pair of powerful eclipses catalyze turning points in our lives that lead to times of discovery and change.

Anatomy of a lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse occurs during a Full Moon, when the Moon and Sun oppose one another and the Sun is within 18 degrees of the nodes. Full Moons bring a culmination of energy. They can offer deeper perspective and illuminated understanding. Issues and information surface now where we can see them. Oftentimes there can be a feeling of letting go and moving on during a full moon. This is especially true for eclipses when the Moon is conjunct the South Node like it will be on Sunday.

Examining the fault lines

The South Node represents release. The Moon in Scorpio dives beneath the surface to examine fault lines in our emotional connections. This powerful eclipse has the potential to bring up a swell of feelings connected to our deepest triggers around resources (including time and finances), loyalty, endurance and the preservation of power or the relinquishing of it. If we’re normally able to hold our feelings in check, the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio will feel like the flooding of the Nile: our riverbeds no longer ample enough to contain the emotional overwhelm connected to the turbulent issues coming to light now in our Taurus-Scorpio houses. For many of us, this time will prompt us to walk away as a form of self-preservation.

With a trine to Mars & Neptune in Pisces and a square to Saturn in Aquarius, it can feel like our energy (Mars) has dissipated (Neptune) over a certain responsibility we’ve held for a time now (Saturn).

This pair of eclipses at the beginning of the month and now at the middle, has us grappling with carefully concealed emotions that most likely have origins tracing back to our own ancient scripts. It’s worthwhile to remember that Scorpio has three representatives with three very different modes of operation: the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. If you find yourself needing to release this eclipse season, you might do well to consider the options that Scorpio presents:

  1. Bring out the stinger and fight back.
  2. Fly higher than any drama and keep yourself a safe distance from it.
  3. Rise up from the ashes using the power released in letting go to transform.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels