Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus :: A Time of Discovery and Change

April 30, 2022 at 3:28pm Central—Saturday’s New Moon in Taurus officially opens eclipse season. We can look back to last November when the first eclipse of the Taurus-Scorpio series occurred to see where a story line began emerging that now receives its next installment. Eclipses catalyze powerful developments in our lives that lead to times of discovery and change. We’re in one of these times now.

Choose your own adventure

The partial solar eclipse occurs at 10°28′ Taurus, just four degrees away from Uranus. Uranus serves as a celestial exclamation point alongside the lunation emphasizing the radically liberating energies available at this time. Another accelerant is the friendly push that action-oriented Mars makes from Pisces.

These energies can also feel disruptive and chaotic, especially accentuated by a nearby Uranus which signifies both breakthrough and “all hell breaking loose”. As in everything, it’s up to us to choose our own interpretation of our experiences.

Unearthing the Fixed of the Fixed

The second decan of Taurus usually represents a solid area of our life: the middle of fixed earth where we’re likely to rely on a certain status quo. With Uranus currently transiting this decan, the field has been plowed for us to bravely enter a new space in our lives.  This could be a time where things we thought would always be the same have undergone transition, opening up fertile ground for us to seed a new crop or at least pull a few weeds!  With eclipse season beginning, it’s likely that as some doors close, others will open. Will we witness our options with graceful presence or try to force things to remain the same?

Art by Fran Rodríguez
Art by Fran Rodríguez @lacabezaenlasnubes

Speaking of grace: we are blessed with a gorgeous lunation ruler, Venus, exalted in Pisces. We look at the ruler of the New Moon in Taurus—Venus—to evaluate the quality of time. Not only is she well resourced to miracle-grow our seedling intentions, but she’s conjunct a bountiful Jupiter in Pisces. Their union occurs every twelve years—and here it is to the minute! The conjunction of the benefics feels quite optimistic, as if some unexpected turn of events can result in a harmonious and fortunate surprise ending.

Worth mentioning is Pluto turning retrograde the day before the eclipse. Pluto spends nearly half the year retrograde, which is a lot. But the station marks an important time where Pluto’s significations of understanding hidden motives, regaining power or giving it away can surface. Pluto drills beneath the surface, dredging up toxicity, hidden treasures, and sometimes both. Those of us with planets or angles the last five degrees of the Cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn—will feel this station the most.

Rhymes with the times

Finally, the last time we had eclipses occurring across the Taurus—Scorpio axis was 2013 to 2014. The nodes were reversed back then with the North Node in Scorpio and the South in Taurus. And before that: 2003-2004, with the Nodes where they are now. Look back to these times for a recurring theme that connects these years together.