Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus in Sag is always going to remember this moment. She’s taking a mental snapshot that she’ll pull out when she wants to reconnect with who she is. She’s wearing a “Born to Ride” tshirt, jelly shoes, and evaluating her chipped lime green nail polish as she surfs her hand up and down a mane of wind out the window. She’s sardined in her friend’s dad’s Oldsmobile with a bunch of girls and they’re loudly singing along to Supergrass as they drive with no destination in mind:

We are young, we run green
Keep our teeth nice and clean
See our friends, see the sights
And feel alright

It smells like cigarettes and lip gloss. Someone is halfway sitting on her lap. The wind is dancing a tango with her hair while the setting sun paints a lambent glow on her skin. She is invincible. Free. Lighthearted. There’s so much future in front of her, a wide open sahara blinking back with glittered eyelids and growing promise. But for right now, this moment, she’s along for the ride. May it last forever.

Illustration @marktennantart