Venus in Taurus :: April 14 โ€” May 8, 2021 ๐ŸŒฟ

Venus leaves the boxing ring of Aries today for three+ weeks of forest bathing in her nocturnal domicile of Taurus. The last 23 days might have been rough on Venus as she socialized, beautified, related and attracted by Mars playbook which fundamentally contradicts her preferred style. Yet, Venus is Venus wherever she goes, and in Aries we might have witnessed dissension between people so that the ensuing examination of conflict could bring them back together.

IN TAURUS, Venus indulges in life’s little luxuries. She understands that life is to be enjoyed and that sensuality is a special kind of spirituality. There’s a sense of self worth here that attracts (and is attracted to) the good life. This doesn’t mean that Taurus is materialistic and a slave to hedonistic pursuit. Not at all. It’s just that quality matters as it’s a reflection of personal self worth. Why put junk in or on your body when you can feed and clothe it with nutritious food and luxurious fabrics? Taurus will splurge on high octane smoothies because their body temple is worth it.

There’s a sense of royalty as well… but the kind of royalty a pristine waterfall has, or a field in bloom. Just being itself engenders awe.

Venus will host Mercury and the Sun as they ingress into Taurus April 19th. We’ll be able to feel a mood shift as three planets change signs from the fiery “Let’s do it!” energy of Aries to the face-of-a-plant-following-the-Sun energy of Taurus. Perhaps we will have thrown enough kindling on the efforts we initiated the first half of April to set a big fixed log on them to slow burn the rest of the month. That said, Venus will have a quick 1-2 punch with Uranus then Saturn the 22-24th which could bring a social suprise/unrest followed by order and restraint.

Image: My favorite Taurus, my daughter Marlena.ย Born with Venus in Taurus as a morning star and the Sun conjunct her Asc in Taurus. She has taught me more about Taurus-Venus energy than any book or teacher could have. An artist, vocalist, Earth steward and embodiment of pure love.