Venus square Saturn, November 7th

It’s hard to believe that Bridget Jones Diary—the film—is 21 years old!  In Saturn years, that’s a 3/4 return! I bring up the movie because it provides a timely illustration of our Lady Venus in Scorpio at the moment.  Like Bridget, Venus in Scorpio can struggle a bit to fulfill her significations of love, belonging, finances and self-worth.  Planets in Fall or Exile (Venus in Scorpio) can also take a more interesting path in finding fulfillment that builds unique skill sets and character.

Part of that path at the moment is navigating Uranus and Saturn. Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Saturday the 5th and then continues onward to square Saturn in Aquarius on the 7th. Hard aspects provoke us. They bring tensions to a head which often require us to step into resolution-mode.  In particular, this line up of Venus oppose Uranus square Saturn can bring up destabilization and upset (Uranus) that then has us seeking sustainable solutions we can rely on (Saturn) in the Venusian areas of love, friendship, intimacy and finance.

A good example is Bridget walking in on a cheating Daniel (Venus oppose Uranus) prompting her to liberate herself from a relationship with him. This eventually points her down the road to a stable commitment with Mark Darcy (Venus square Saturn).

What about us?

How might this play out for us?  Saturnian stories don’t pop up over night. Like Mr. Darcy, they’ve been around for some time. But the square creates pressure that demands action, especially during eclipse season. Something we might have swept under the rug has turned into an ugly hill of resentment, or pain. Perhaps we’ve grown so weary of a certain pattern, that continuing to do nothing becomes more painful than finally addressing the situation even if there’s an aftermath to deal with.

Some ways this square might express include but not limited to:

  • Clarifying responsibilities
  • Asking for commitment
  • Erecting healthy boundaries
  • Stepping away from love/friendship/community
  • Tough Love
  • Refusing to cooperate
  • Reconfiguring partnership for a more sustainable outlook
  • Ultimatum/request that demonstrates seriousness

We often think of Saturn as a negating principle. When we see it with Venus, we might conclude this is a time to close down and protect ourselves.  This can happen, especially with a square. Yet, it’s good to remember that Saturn-Venus also speaks to the long-term agreements we have in our relationships. Both Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have Venus sextile Saturn in their nativity. They were married for 50 years! In the best of circumstances, Venus-Saturn energy encourages us to put in the work required for relationships, partnerships and commitments that stand the test of time.

Like everything else, your milage may vary. Whereas Venus square Saturn can point out the weakest link in relationships, it can also show us the dedication and service needed for longevity and long term commitment.