Eclipse Season is officially over

Eclipse season is officially over and it kind of felt like a strenuous relay race where our mettle was tested. One by one, team members Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun each passed through the gauntlet of Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto—a trio of excruciating climbs—where they (and we) faced fears and limitations, let go of excess baggage, and pulled on core resolve to keep chugging along.

It’s the day after as we sit around the fire of the New Moon in Leo (11:12pm ET) feeling heroic and renewed. Mercury (who stations direct today), feeling nostalgic in the waters of Cancer, regals us with stories of the terrain we passed as we moved along the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Stories of surrendering outgrown structures, responsibilities, and power issues as we embraced family, nurturing our loved ones, and examining ancestral patterns . . . themes that will continue for another year as we enter eclipse season again in December and next July.

But for now, it’s time for some play as the new moon in Leo encourages us to tap into our creativity, confident self expression, and heart-centered power. The first half of August gives us a bit of warmth and reprieve although there may be some surprises regarding relationships as Venus gets ready to square “to thy own self be true” Uranus. During this time, Jupiter will bless our gallant runners—Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury (once he’s crossed from Water into Fire)—with hope, vision, and a friendly trine as they recover their shine in Leo.

Image by @amerkaricdesign