Full Moon in Aquarius :: Part 1 of a 3 part concerto entitled Moving On

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius is the illuminating Part I of a three part concerto entitled “Moving On”. In a concerto, a soloist performs a melody in front of the stage while the orchestra accompanies behind her, often throwing barbs or musical commentary that she responds to. There are usually three acts, just like there will be in the sky: two Full Moons in Aquarius sandwiching the middle act performed by a New Moon in Leo. The theme we find in the Aquarius concerto is blowing the popsicle stand to find our own way, even if we don’t know where it will lead us or if anyone will come along for the ride.

Freedom! Movement!

Like all air signs, Aquarius values freedom, movement and self-expression. There’s an alluring rebellious streak to Aquarius that is simultaneously admirable as it is exhausting. Wherever Aquarius lands in our charts, this is where we find a non-conforming and questioning spirit. It’s where we’re our most experimental and innovative.

Aquarius is also where we leap out of the known to forge our own way, often without a safety net. The Aquarian Full Moon encourages us to see things as they are and to step outside convention and our comfort  zone in our next steps forward.  With the full moon beaming rays of clarification, there’s a sense of the direction we want to move towards and the budding resolve to get us there.

What’s the Moon Doing?

Back to the concerto… What is the melody our soloist performs in this first act? If we look at the Full Moon chart, we see that the Moon has just left Pluto and is getting ready to apply to Saturn after its heightened moment with the Sun. Pluto always asks us to shed that which is no longer in integrity. Pluto works to purify us of any toxic patterns or relationships. The moon seeks nourishment and security.  Combining the symbolism, this could be a time of deep inquiry into recognizing the comfort-seeking patterns that disempower us. How are we conforming in ways that strip us of our agency? How can we be more inventive in getting our lunar needs met? Are we stuck in unhealthy patterns that harm us? These are the questions the orchestra poses to our Aquarian Moon soloist.

With the Moon applying next to Saturn, we’re being asked to fortify ourselves with Saturnian tools: setting boundaries that honor our integrity. Perhaps this will not be easy—Saturn usually asks us to be disciplined in our approach. But the results will be long lasting and have the added benefit of accruing wisdom.

Discipline is a Friend

July marks the important first steps of moving on from the popsicle stand that no longer works for us. We’re supported by a strong Saturn, ruler of this lunation. The discipline needed is available to us now if we are able to commit to what’s best for us.

If you’re feeling like that soloist and could use a bit of cosmic timing take, I’d love to speak with you about it in The Year Ahead or an Astro-Tarot consultation.