Full Moon in Gemini

After soul searching for two months in the deep, sensitive and psychic waters of Scorpio, Mercury emerges into the warmth of Sagittarius and he has something to say. As the ruler of a chatty Full Moon in Gemini, he’s ready to envision a larger dream. Perhaps to even take a leap of faith. He wants to be optimistic about the future; yet, with Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps the topic that comes up first–like a discombobulating record scratch–is commitment, reliability, and evidence that responsibilities are equally shouldered.

On a good day, Venus + Saturn speaks to solid working partnerships and respectful connections. Venus Saturn on a not so good day can bring up insecurity, feeling burdened by a relationship/finances, and feeling left out and unwanted. Ouch. Some of us might’ve been feeling this energy yesterday as Venus was approaching Saturn. She made her conjunction at 4am Central this morning.

Full Moons often bring relationship dynamics to a head. When we factor in that the Moon falls in communicative Gemini who is ruled by an opinionated, oratorical Mercury, all the two months of soul searching in Scorpio combined with Venus (relating, finances, values) and Saturn (commitments, boundaries, reality checks) might rise up with the Gemini Moon in search of release.

The Full Moon is exact on Wednesday at 11:11pm Central Time. A helpful piece of advice is to take a deep breath before speaking, and as you do, ask yourself if it passes through Rumi’s three gates: is it true? is it necessary? is it kind? You’ll be happy you did, because next on the celestial stage on Friday the 13th, Venus will conjunct Pluto as Mars trines Neptune. This can be a heart warming energy of great depth and intimacy while surrendering your desires for harmonious union. It can also be finally letting go and moving on closer towards your truth.

Image by @thenamdas