Sun square Neptune

Debbie Harry and David Bowie both have (and had) Sun square Neptune in their natal charts giving them an ethereal vibe. Both carry a timeless enchantment and glamorous mystique. They stand as legendary icons in music, bringing forth their own stamp of creativity, conjured and cast from a fertile imagination.

As the Sun squares Neptune early morning on Sunday (Central Time), some of us might be inspired to surf the wave of imagination and enter into the barrel of timeless knowing, a superhighway that leads to collective myth. In this place, we are all one. The ego dissolves like a drop in the ocean and is the ocean. Here we find great access to all that wants to express in the carnate world. Sun square Neptune allows us to plunge our pails into the magical well of creativity, drinking up ideas in order to embody and share them. This is artistic midwifery.

Sun square Neptune expressing as shadow often shows up as the dissolution of self. Addiction, excessive psychedelic journeying, ghosting one’s own life, martyrdom, refusing to accept responsibility, lack of purpose, and delusional thinking are all ways in which this combination can play out in a person’s life if they’re not using Neptune wisely.

Personally, I think Neptune often gets a bad rap (“confusion”) because of the discipline it takes to channel the gifts that Neptune brings. When expressed positively, Neptune Sun can produce the most imaginative, transcendent, and compassionate people and experiences.

Debbie Harry and David Bowie Photographed by Chris Stein in 1977 backstage during Iggy Pop’s Idiot Tour