Full Moon in Virgo

Tom Waits photographed by Mark Seliger

The Full Moon at 9 degrees Virgo leads us like the Hermit’s Lantern to progress we can commit to. The action packed months of January and February have brought us to a state of illumination, quite possibly through disruption and unanticipated changes. The invitation with today’s lunation is to declutter, simplify, prune and purify those areas that get in the way of optimal living. This full moon encourages us to roll up our sleeves and with laser beam focus: make it happen.

What garden of life are you tending at the moment?

  • Aries is focused on schedule, daily routines, pets and/or illness.
  • Taurus is cultivating romance, children and/or creative projects.
  • Gemini is decluttering home and family issues.
  • Cancer is nourishing learning, writing and/or sibling relationships.
  • Leo is shining a light on finances and values.
  • Virgo is purifying self, body and interface to the world.
  • Libra is tending to hidden matters and time alone.
  • Scorpio is engaged long term aspirations and/or friendships.
  • Sagittarius is examining all things career and reputation.
  • Capricorn is working at expanding themselves, perhaps via classes, travel or religious studies.
  • Aquarius is analyzing debt, joint resources and/or their own psychological compulsions.
  • Pisces is surrendering relationships of all kinds.