Jupiter enters Pisces :: Jupiter through the Houses

With Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces tonight, December 28th (10:10pm CST), how will the Great Benefic influence you?  Before we take a look at Jupiter through the houses, let’s consider some of the challenges and rewards associated with Jupiter.


Jupiter is associated with growth. But do we want to super-size our waistlines or workload? Expansion isn’t always welcome.  Depending on where Pisces lands in our chart, we may need to practice moderation or set thoughtful boundaries so too much of a good thing doesn’t have dire consequences.


On the plus side, we’re talking about Jupiter in Pisces! In his nocturnal domicile, Jupiter has more strength to fulfill his significations of bringing forth opportunity, good fortune, meaning, abundance, wisdom, growth and optimism.  He brings his bounty to the house he transits and also to the planets he aspects.

The past two years

For the last two years, Jupiter has been in signs ruled by Saturn. The terrain of consolidation and restriction have been antithetical to his expansive nature. So even though he’s been a welcome balm to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, he’s now free to take up space in his own home of Pisces. We can expect quite a shift translating into opportunity and levity as Jupiter leaves Aquarius for Pisces.

That said: Jupiter doesn’t guarantee a bonanza in the house he transits. More often than not, opportunity will knock but we have to respond to the call and do our part to evolve it into our lives. It’s a duet, not Jupiter’s solo.

Jupiter through the Houses 

In the section below, I offer some of the ways I’ve seen Jupiter manifest through the houses. Your mileage may vary. Bear in the mind that Jupiter dipped his big daddy toe in the imaginative waters of Pisces from mid-May to the end of July, offering a taste of things to come. Think back to that time as you read the descriptions below.

In addition, I’ve linked to the series on the houses I wrote. Click on the link if you would like a refresher on the significations of the house Jupiter is transiting for you.

  • Aries Rising—Jupiter will transit your 12th House
    Looking into our own Pandora’s Box. What do we find there? What have we repressed that is now wanting to express in our conscious life? What has been hidden that comes to light now? This transit is great for retreat and solitary time. Warning: frenemies/enemies could emerge from the woodwork.
  • Taurus Rising—Jupiter will transit your 11th House
    A great time to put some muscle behind your hopes and aspirations. Jupiter will usher in opportunities that could take the form of helpful friendships or social networks that fill your sails with friendly winds. Be on the lookout for dreams coming true!
  • Gemini Rising—Jupiter will transit your 10th House
    Your role at work could expand during this time. Your reputation and social standing can make a bigger splash with Jupiter here. If you’re looking to advance in your career, take risks and find more meaning in how you contribute to the world, now’s the time to ride this Jupiter wave as it has the power to carry you far this year.
  • Cancer Rising—Jupiter will transit your 9th House
    An excellent time to expand the edges of your mental and physical frontiers. This could look like going back to school, focusing on spiritual growth, learning astrology or embarking on international travel. The 9th House is associated with all things that grow our minds and our tangible world. Jupiter encourages you to take the plunge and swim wide!
  • Leo Rising—Jupiter will transit your 8th House
    Jupiter can lend a helping hand in taxes, loans and debt. However, take care not to take on more financial promises you can realistically handle sinking you into greater debt. Opportunity can arise through receiving an inheritance or a windfall you didn’t work for. Your significant other might experience a nice bump in their finances which then affects you.
  • Virgo Rising—Jupiter will transit your 7th House
    Significant relationships bloom. Jupiter transiting the 7th can bring in an important person—romantic or not—who you can grow with. If you’re already in a relationship, Jupiter offers optimism and expansion, taking you further down the path together.
  • Libra Rising—Jupiter will transit your 6th House
    Be proactive with your health now. Schedules can get overly packed exasperating underlying health issues. Time management is important. On the bright side: relationships with people that work for you and/or colleagues turn sweeter thanks to Jupiter’s benevolent presence. It’s also possible to adopt a fur baby during this transit or pay more attention to pets.
  • Scorpio Rising—Jupiter will transit your 5th House
    Jupiter brings Scorpio Risings growth opportunities around romance, children, or following their passions. Single Scorpios: if you’re looking for love, 2022 is the year to do something about it. For some, the topic of children will take on more importance. And with Jupiter in the 5th, it’s your time to shine! Follow what you love and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Sagittarius Rising—Jupiter will transit your 4th House
    Are you thinking about expanding your home, Sag? 2022 could see you bringing home a baby, another relative, or making room for an elderly parent to come live with you. You might entertain moving into a bigger house or building a structural add-on to your home.
  • Capricorn Rising—Jupiter will transit your 3rd House
    Development and opportunity around siblings can present themselves now. The Moon has her joy here so increasing knowledge around pagan wisdom traditions can happen when Jupiter transits the 3rd. You might find that you’re commuting more and making small trips as well.
  • Aquarius Rising—Jupiter will transit your 2nd House
    Jupiter transiting the 2nd often brings new income streams, a raise, or a big boost to our self worth. If you’re long overdue a raise, Aquarius, 2022 is the year to ask for it. Remember, the opportunity is there, but we have to activate it. A warning: be careful not to overspend as Jupiter can have us feeling more generous towards ourselves and others than we normally are.
  • Pisces Rising—Jupiter will transit your 1st House
    Get ready for a big year, Pisces! As Jupiter transits the first house of self, your overall outlook to life lifts and brightens. You’re encouraged to envision big while paying attention to opportunities that will initiate a brand new 12-year cycle for you.  This is a year of building your sense of self and what you have to offer the world simply by being you. But watch those calories! Jupiter transiting the 1st can have us adding unwanted pounds.


Jupiter makes three brief visits to Pisces. If we use our time wisely and actively work with opportunity, we have a wonderful opportunity to grow in whatever house Pisces occupies for us.  Here are the dates:

  • May 13 – July 28, 2021
  • December 28, 2021 – May 10, 2022
  • October 28, 2022 – December 20, 2022

Image by cottonbro on Pexels