Jupiter & Venus Talismans

Two sided Exalted Venus Talisman
Two sided Exalted Venus conjunct Fomalhaut Talisman

Last time Venus was in Pisces, I created two magical talismans: Exalted Venus conjunct Fomalhaut and Jupiter in Pisces. We can and do receive material benefits when working with planetary magic. Additionally, many of the results are tied to an internal shift that catalyzes us to co-create with the planet we are in devotional relationship with. Working with planetary magic will change you.

Develop a relationship with Jupiter for more joy, abundance, prosperity, optimism, healing, justice, increase in social standing, wisdom and integrity.

Collaborate with Venus  to find love, sex, romance, artistry, popularity, community, inner peace and reconciliation.

Both talismans come with a digital booklet (PDF) instructing you how to consecrate your talisman and work with it if you choose to.

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