Mars on the Move

Mars is working out this week. On his calendar he has a trine with Saturn today followed by two days off. A square with Jupiter on Thursday. Friday off. And then a steam bath opposing Neptune in the wee hours of Saturday.

Mars harmoniously working together with Saturn in earth signs gives us the drive and determination for steady and focused work. This is the day to put your head down, role your sleeves up, and hammer away like the guy on the Eight of Pentacles. The cosmic weather is serving up an atmosphere where we desire to get things done.

Mars flexes his muscles again on Thursday when he squares an heroic Jupiter in fiery Sag. He’s feeling motivated after his productive push with Saturn. However, in the square, he might be taking on more than he can handle. Combined with Jupiter, the vision could be larger than practicalities allow. It’s good to remember not to over-promise on results you can’t deliver.

Just after midnight (Central Time) on early Saturday, Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in imaginative Pisces, lining up with the Full Moon configuration. As Full Moons are a time of culmination and release, some of us might begin to see the fruits of our labor, not only from our actions inspired by an industrious Mars this week, but from a hard-driving Virgo Season. Our sensitivities are high this day as are our impulses towards creativity and spirituality, making Saturday the perfect day to ground in with music, meditation, and perhaps a bit of unfolding and release in a museum or cinematic experience (or the ocean if you live near one).

The cycle is beginning to shift from Virgo to Libra as Mercury and Venus hold hands and skip into Libra together. The work gloves will start to come off as we embrace balance, beauty, and our relationships.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes