Mercury enters Taurus while hosted by Venus

April 27—After a heated repartee during his sprint through Aries, Mercury entered Taurus today. If Mercury in Aries is hot sauce, Mercury in Taurus is maple syrup: grounded, slow, sweet and practical. Now in Venus’ sign, we look to the Goddess of Love and see that she’s in Gemini, Mercury’s sign. This is a positive condition called Mutual Reception which means the two planets in each other’s domiciles are working together.

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, has his Venus in Gemini and his Mercury in Taurus. He’s a great example of the best of this mix: young at heart, a charming intelligence, and a grounded sensibility. Christina Hendricks does too. Even when angry, she delivers a calm and collected, mesmerizing Venusian monologue.

Mercury squares Saturn in Aquarius tomorrow. As this is a fixed square, be on the lookout for hitting a wall in communication and/or a limiting glass-half-full outlook. On the plus side, this energy offers focus and discipline, allowing us to skillfully work on mental projects.

The Mercury-Saturn square gives way to a Mercury-Uranus conjunction on Friday. Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs and liberation, combined with Mercury offers insights and new ideas perhaps on the very thing we were stuck on with the Mercury square just a few days before.

Image: Christina Hendricks as  Joan Holloway on  Mad Men. Credit: Shane King-Taggart