New Moon in Aquarius :: The stranger, the truer, the better šŸ¦Œ

New Moon in Aquarius 2022January 31, 2022 at 11:46pm CSTā€”Depending on your location, the Moon will begin a new cycle as it joins the Sun on Monday or Tuesday. New Moons seed a packet of intentions in one area of life. In this case, it’s wherever Aquarius falls in your natal chart. In the following six months, some of these seeds will lay dormant while the ones cultivated may sprout. One or two may even bear fruit to harvest when the Sun shines upon the Moon from Leo, creating a Full Moon which will culminateĀ the story we begin at this New Moon.

Fixed Air

Aquarius (Fixed Air) is a sign which knowsĀ itself. This is the part of us that’s encouraged to anchorĀ down and maintain momentum (Fixed) as we allow ourselves stimulation and connection through the intellect and the world of ideas (Air). Aquarius is the watcher, not unlike an anthropologist who records social interactions but refrains from taking part in the group dynamics themselves. If they affect change, it’s from a more detached, outsider perspective.Ā  Take a look at your Aquarius house: does this area of life sometimes feel like a foreigner learning the customs of a new country or watching from the outside in, knowing you do things differently… you are different here?

Dowsing the future

Although February will feel like finding our personal cruise control again, the days on either side of this New Moon see Venus stationing direct on January 29th and Mercury doing the same on February 3rd. The slow motion of these two personal planets create a breathing space where we can truly dowse the energetic structures that are inviting us into forward movement at this time.

Let me say that another way… Before any physical manifestation appears, there’s an energetic blueprint. The quality of time at this New Moon conjunct its ruler Saturn invites us to begin outliningĀ the shape of that nascent architecture. As we define goals, make plans and lay down tracks, Aquarius would have us courageously honor who we are outside of any societal expectations.

I wonder what unusual fruit I will harvest when the Moon is Full in Aquarius six months from now?Ā That’s a good question for February. The stranger, the truer:Ā the better.