New Moon in Libra packs a wallop!

Yesterday might have felt heavy for some of us as the balsamic moon passed over Mars on her way to join the Sun. She carried the themes of Mars–assertion, separation, conflict, and passion–and seeded his energy in the Libran New Moon. This New Moon has a strong emphasis around relationship, fairness, and diplomacy. Its ruler, Venus, sextiles Jupiter and both benifics are in their signs of rulership making this a power couple. V+J in rulerships is like a pair of eagles watching over a newly hatched moon egg, born into a nest made from beauty, harmony, and connection.

But what is the egg made of? Well, we have a strong host: Venus in Libra accompanied by friendly Jupiter in Sag. Both Libra and Sag share a theme around integrity. Then there was the final meeting of Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. From that meeting, the moon carries a seed of karmic unfolding, of release, purifying, and establishing boundaries. Chiron in Aries is in play as well, and here the old wound resurfaces… that habit, pattern, or person that still triggers us after all this time. All of these energies are seeded into the this New Libra Moon.

As the moon waxes and both Venus and Mars become visible in the sky again in mid-October, it will be interesting to see how their themes emerge. Venusian topics of love, self worth, finances, relationships, and fairness will be highlighted as well as the Mars themes of passion, drive and decisiveness. We might find ourselves setting boundaries and working with triggers from a place of integrity and a sincere wish to close certain karmic contracts once and for all.

Illustration by Syd Bee