The Discomfort is Real :: Mars Oppose Saturn

Photo by Анастасия Беккер

June 30, 2021—If you’re feeling a little frenzied this week, you’re not alone. The past couple of days have been kind of tricky.

As Mars applies to Saturn, we can feel the desire to express ourselves vs the caution to hold back taking up a lot of real estate in our mind while draining our reserves. The deliberation between standing up for ourselves vs playing it cool and detached until the timing is right is not an easy one, especially with Uranus and Chiron calling shots from the sidelines.

As the Mars-Saturn opposition perfects tomorrow, the Moon will trine Venus. Luna then carries this light to Mars and Chiron (in trine by fire), applying the anesthetic before pricking the skin. With Chiron involved, we know the wound addressed holds healing.

In Leo, Mars and Venus are rolling out the Sun’s agenda currently in Cancer. As the Moon joins the Sun July 9 for a New Moon in Cancer, perhaps the tension experienced now will clear up space so that new support and nourishment can take its place.