The First Half of July

Let’s go over the first half of July’s astro-climate, shall we?

July AstrosceneJuly 1
We start off the month with a brutal Mars-Saturn opposition. Did the first few days of July seem intense of even aggro? Blame it on these two!

Mars in Leo can come off self righteous while pushing hard to get his way while Saturn—feeling strong and collected in  home sign Aquarius—keeps a cool head and a firm boundary. When these two go at it, it’s the hot blooded sportster stuck behind Grandma Moses on a curvy one lane highway.

Alternatively, you might have found yourself putting on the focus blinders to pour your energy and time into a deadline. Mars-Saturn transits can equip us with tenacious persistence, like an athlete enduring a Spartan Death Race.

July 3
Mars square Uranus… Grandma Moses pulls over to the side and let’s Speed Racer bluster by! Many times, the configuration of Uranus (Mars+Saturn) shows up as simply holding the tension until a solution or change arrives. An image that comes to mind is the Don’t Look at Me scene in Unbroken.

July 6
Venus in Leo oppose Saturn in Aquarius can feel like getting a cold shoulder from someone, a block in a relationship, and/or hard reality sinking in about a friendship or a romance. Alternatively, this transit’s high side investigates the ASK: what are my responsibilities in this relationship? Do I agree to them? Questions like this will see some people sealing a relationship deal, or stepping away from one with too many barriers to entry.

July 8
Venus will then square off with Uranus in Taurus just like Mars did earlier. If Mars found release through rupture, severance or battle—all part of Mars’ go-tos—Venus brings her soothing balm and mends fences. In Leo, she’ll do it with charm, creativity and passion.

July 9
New Moon in Cancer—finding our kitchen ally. See New Moon post above.

July 11
Mercury enters Cancer. In the sign of the crab, Mercury may not always speak their mind, but they feel things deeply and remember everything. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer is responsive and will address a challenge, even if they have to come at it sideways. This is a placement that processes from the belly of emotion but can speak fiercely if needed.