Today’s Astrotarot pairing: A Love Story

Have you seen this movie? Big love ➝ Break-up ➝ Flight leaving ➝ Taxi run ➝ Mad dash to departure gate ➝ Tearful Reunion? It’s playing in the skies today and starring the Knight of Cups.

The eclipse season was rough on our Knight. Torn between duty and love, he chose duty which aligned with his mind but definitely not with his heart. When Venus opposed Pluto, he and his beloved twisted the rubik’s cube of their options in every possible direction but simply couldn’t align their relationship to their changing lives. They decided to split.

Heartbroken, the Knight grieved his lover. And as Mercury back up into Venus yesterday in the sweet and nostalgic waters of Cancer, he knew he couldn’t let the best thing that ever happened to him disappear from his life forever. He would never make such beautiful memories with anyone; it wasn’t possible.

So early this morning, emboldened by the magical spinach of Mars trine Jupiter, he made his passionate, Knightly move. As he rushed to the airport and looked out the taxi window, he imagined the 3rd Quarter Moon urging him on, reorienting him to the path of his dreams. Mars trine Jupiter pulsed through his veins, filling him with the most exuberant and optimistic fire. Oh yes, he was full of confidence and verve as his heart beat energetically and he spilled out onto the sidewalk, running through the airport like a blur, and reaching the departure gate Just In Time.

How does it end? Well, the script is in the skies: With an upcoming new moon in Leo (removed from the responsibilities and purging of Saturn + Pluto + South Node) and the upcoming, glorious entry of Lady Love Venus into Leo, I’d say the heart wins this time.