Venus enters Capricorn: The Commitment is Real

Ambitious, steadfast and results oriented… who wouldn’t want Venus in Capricorn on their A Team? I love the image @astrotwins makes of Venus strategically hanging mistletoe to “date up”. It’s true, when it comes to relationships, finances, and style, the Goddess of Love has an ascending plan when she’s in Capricorn… the sky’s the limit!

As the Holidays approach and the shopping frenzy begins, Venus in Cap will inform our purchasing decisions. She prefers higher quality gifts that lean towards practicality rather than novelty. Less sparkle; more useful. We might be buying less while spending more time selecting thoughtful gifts that will stand the test of time for those people who are truly special and loyal to us.

Friends, lovers, and companions can count on Venus in Cap. As a Cardinal Earth sign, her love language is “Acts of Service”. If you’re important to her, she aims to never let you down. This loving Seagoat is on the scene to lend a helping hand and provide a solid solution before you have to ask because she takes the time to truly know you. This Venus demonstrates her love by showing it, taking her commitments seriously. Don’t ever take her for granted because she guards her heart closely. If you’ve been lucky enough to earn your way in, make the effort to stay there as her solidarity is invaluable.

Illustration by Britta Glodde