Venus in Virgo: Thoughtful acts of kindness

Early Wednesday morning (4:00am Central) Venus trades in her dramatic extensions and midnight vixen eyeliner for intelligent frames and tailored slacks, basically moving from an Amy Winehouse vibe (Venus in Leo) to Scully #xfiles (#GillianAnderson V in V). Venus in Virgo pays attention to details. She connects with thoughtful acts of kindness, like surprising you with a morning latte and vegan muffin at your desk, showing up with treats for your dog, scheduling your colon cleanse, handing you your bike helmet on your way out the door, or planning out the details of a trip on a spreadsheet, making sure your upcoming vacation is unforgettable.

An hour later, Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Sag ushering in a friendly breeze of confidence and hope that warms the cockles of our heart. This is a great day to interview, offer a community talk or present a workshop. We might find ourselves on the end of some great news as Mercury, the messenger, harmoniously communicates with the benefactor of the Zodiac, Jupiter. The Moon conjunct Uranus around lunchtime (12:30pm Central) might have us energized and pumped on Jupiter’s good news or the great talk we gave.

Midweek is feeling smooth. The Virgo energy is building, encouraging us to act on what inspired us from Leo Season. We’ll be further supercharged to take tangible steps next week as Uranus guest stars, interacting with our personal planets in surprising and enlightening ways.

Illustration by #emilywinfieldmartinart