Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023

We’re entering a new era which will be reflected in our personal lives and in the greater collective. In every great shift, we seek to stabilize and structure our lives so we can better envision the future. The Pisces part of our charts signals where we will be using Saturnian methods to add stability and reliability while Pluto weaves back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius. These methods include but aren’t limited to:

  • taking inventory
  • facing reality
  • metabolizing fear
  • prioritizing and consolidating
  • slowing down
  • erecting boundaries
  • off-loading responsibility in one area and possibly accepting it in another

More than anything, Saturn asks us to be responsible for the change we wish to see in our lives. When we do this, we create a foundation that we can rely on long term. Even more, we reach a deeper level of maturation. We accrue self-reliance and wisdom from putting in the effort to build desired outcomes.

It’s not an overnight process. Saturn brings reality checks that have been playing in the background for awhile. Unlike Uranus who rides on surprise and shock, Saturn delivers the stark truth of a known challenge in a manner that we can no longer ignore.

Saturn in the Houses

Pisces will be hosting Saturn from March 7th until May 25, 2025, and then again from September 1, 2025 to February 13, 2026.  For the next three years, Saturn will be asking you to take responsibility for the changes you wish to see in your life in this house:

Aries Rising—Saturn will transit your 12th House
Looking into our own Pandora’s Box. What do we find there? What have we repressed that is now wanting to express in our conscious life? Great for retreat,  solitary time, and working behind the scenes.

Taurus Rising—Saturn will transit your 11th House
A great time to put some muscle behind your hopes and dream. Friendships undergo changes: who stays, who goes?

Gemini Rising—Saturn will transit your 10th House
You might take on increased responsibility at work during this time. Additionally, issues of reputation and social standing can arise.

Cancer RisingSaturn will transit your 9th House
An excellent time to commit to learning astrology or going to school. Perhaps this is the time you finally publish your book!

Leo RisingSaturn will transit your 8th House
Consolidating loans, looking at long term financial planning, paying off debt and managing anxiety. Significant Other’s finances also considered now.

Virgo Rising—Saturn will transit your 7th House
Significant relationships are tested. You may find yourself asking what your responsibility to the relationship is now and if you’re getting your needs met. This can also be a time of commiting to a relationship.

Libra RisingSaturn will transit your 6th House
Be proactive with your health now. This is a good time to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Schedules can become hectic so time management is important.

Scorpio Rising—Saturn will transit your 5th House
This is a time Scorpio Rising can get serious about dating, children, or following their passions. Even if you get off to a slow start, your commitment will pay off.

Sagittarius RisingSaturn will transit your 4th House
Commitments can include buying land and building a home. The 4th often speaks to the end of things. This can be a time to say goodbye and seek closure.

Capricorn RisingSaturn will transit your 3rd House
Issues around siblings can present themselves now. The Moon has her joy here so we can connect to pagan wisdom traditions during this transit.

Aquarius RisingSaturn will transit your 2nd House
Do our values connect with the way we earn money? This might be a time where our financial picture changes or we work hard to manage our resources.

Pisces RisingSaturn will transit your 1st House
We take on more responsibility. We “step up”. There’s a maturation process of the self when Saturn transits the 1st.

Saturn in Pisces

The planet Saturn and the sign of Pisces are an unlikely pairing. The former represents solidness, structure and discipline whereas the latter points to amorphous realms such as dreams, belief and creativity. What kind of strange and wonderful expressions do we find when we combine the two?

Saturn in Pisces combinations include:

—Emotionally repressed vs emotional intelligence

—Hiding one’s feelings (tough upper lip) vs skilled at expressing them

—Uninspired routines vs architecting one’s dreams

—Floating in a sea of blocked creativity vs building artful expression brick by brick

—Armored against collective pain vs holding universal compassion

—Weighed down by martyrdom vs cultivating strength through service

—Drowning in one’s own pain vs using suffering as a sacred tool towards transcendence

It’s not an either/or case here. Saturn in Pisces can hold both these values simultaneously, sometimes heavier on one end than the other.

When we work for it, Saturn offers us wisdom and insight over time. For those with this placement who have felt blocked, restrained or repressed in our emotions, our creativity, our spirituality and our compassion, we can strive to remove these blockages and burdens. When we do, there’s another side of Saturn in Pisces waiting for us.

Other possible characteristics include:

—Pisces is known for its empathy and compassion. A Saturn in Pisces individual can have a strong sense of responsibility and duty to help others.

—Pisces often has a gift around creativity, imagination and the arts. This person can approach their artistic pursuits with great discipline and effort that rewards them with a level of mastery.

—Known as a highly spiritual sign, a Saturn in Pisces person can often prioritize their spirituality as a source of strength and wisdom.

—In the highly sensitive and intuitive waters of Pisces, Saturn can repress feelings or block them from being fully expressed.


Both psychic Edgar Cayce and musician Kurt Cobain had their Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the sign of Pisces. Born 90 years apart, they had similar astrological wiring but very different expressions of it.

As a child, Cayce spoke with his dead grandfather’s spirit and played with “imaginary friends. He memorized books by sleeping on them. Later, as a sought after medical clairvoyant, he would diagnose people from a trance state. Dubbed the sleeping prophet, in deep states of meditation, he would enter some sort of archetypal field and answer questions. According to, “he was able to place his mind in contact with all time and space—the universal consciousness, also known as the super-conscious mind. From there, he could respond to questions as broad as, What are the secrets of the universe? and What is my purpose in life? to as specific as, What can I do to help my arthritis? and How were the pyramids of Egypt built? His responses to these questions came to be called ‘readings,’ and their insights offer practical help and advice to individuals even today…. when asked how to become psychic, Cayce’s advice was to become more spiritual.”

Then there’s Kurt Cobain, one of the greatest spokesperson of Generation X. Cobain became a reluctant icon of his time. It wasn’t only his grunge style that influenced youth fashion, it was his laid-back and detached attitude that emanated a sense of effortless cool. Tragically, Cobain suffered from heroin addiction, depression and health problems. He killed himself at age 27.

In his suicide note, Cobain calls himself too sensitive. Twice he writes that he loves people too much. He calls himself a sad, little, unappreciative, sensitive Pisces and signs off with peace, love, empathy, the hallmark Piscean terms.

It’s interesting to compare the two men’s Saturn in Pisces. Cayce used his Saturn to structure messages from the universal consciousness. His Saturn was a bridge he could cross into a collective No Time. Cobain tried to numb his sensitivity by escaping it. His heroin addiction erected personal boundaries around the excruciating cost of fame, of feeling everything and a devastating depression.

The Blue Lagoon

One other Saturn in Pisces example is the 1980 coming-of-age romantic survival film, The Blue Lagoon. Brooke Shields—who has her Saturn in Pisces—was 14 when she starred in this film, half a Saturn cycle. The movie tells the story of two seven year-olds (the opening Saturn square) marooned on an island paradise. Wikipedia continues: “But without either the guidance or the restrictions of society, emotional and physical changes arise as they reach puberty, go skinny dipping in the ocean and fall in love.”

The location for Blue Lagoon features a magical water-world where the two characters naturalize themselves to the island, the sea and the animals there. It’s a Piscean environment, one that plays the backdrop for self reliance, survival and exile: Saturn. I watched it again recently on Netflix and found myself repeating there’s Saturn, there’s Pisces, and then back again.

Saturn in Pisces Dates

It takes Saturn 29.5 years to orbit the Sun. When Saturn returns to the same sign and degree it was when you were born, this is called a Saturn Return. We experience Saturn returning to its natal position just before turning 30, around 59-60, and once again in our mid to late 80’s.

If you were born during these dates, you will be experiencing a Saturn Return during the next three years:

  • 1st—Born 21MAY1993 to 30JUN1993 + 28JAN1994 to 7APR1996
  • 2nd—Born 24MAR1964 to 16SEP1964 + 16DEC1964 to 3MAR1967
  • 3rd—Born 14FEB1935 to 25APR1937 + 17OCT1937 to 14JAN1938

If you are experiencing your Saturn Return, lean on friends and family for support. This is a challenging time where you will feel pushed to your limits at times. It can also initiate us into the next level of wisdom, experience and authority.

Besides asking for support from your loved ones, consider scheduling a session with me if you’re experiencing a Saturn Return. I’d be happy to suggest ways that you can work with Saturn to use this time wisely based on your Saturn placement.


  1. I made the Saturn woodcut in Midjourney
  2. I made the woodcut of fish in hourglass in Midjourney
  3. Edgar Cayce—photographer unknown
  4. Kurt Cobain captured by Mark Seliger
  5. Blue Lagoon movie poster