It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

September 24, 2019

Fall Equinox: Libra Season

Happy Equinox! We’ve reached the midpoint of the astrological year. As the Sun passes over the celestial equator and moves into Libra, night and day match one another in length reminding us of one of Libra’s themes: balance. Persian mystic and poet, Rumi, who was born when the Sun and Moon both occupied Libra, said: “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” He very well may have been speaking about Saturday’s last conjunction of Saturn and the South Node whose signature theme of this year has been all about knowing what to keep and what to let go. We’ll be lucky to have Libra’s equitable and fair minded scales at this time to help us in sorting out what we take with us and what to leave behind.

Another Libran theme is the idea of Us. Libra represents an evolutionary turning point in the Zodiacal wheel where we turn our focus from perfecting the Self to “We Consciousness”. Ruled by Venus, Libra is motivated through social connection, bringing people and ideas together, and has a team mindset. Some of the Cardinal-Air tools Libra uses to work a room is charm, diplomacy, and admirable aesthetic instincts.

We’ll be enjoying a New Moon in Libra, the same day Saturn conjuncts the South Node for the final time. Venus, the ruler of this Moon, will be happily sextiling bountiful Jupiter yet making a more serious square to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. This strongly suggests that many of us will be looking at what stays and what goes in our relationships and creating a fresh start from there.

Art by hilmaafklintofficial

September 20, 2019

Jupiter square Neptune: Why not me?

What if Cinderella was every character in her story? Her three ugly step sisters were simply manifestations of her own lack of confidence, procrastination tendencies, and obsessive comparisons keeping her locked in meaningless routines and soul numbing drudgery. Her absent father: a lack of commitment to cultivate and nurture her unique gifts. The glass slippers: her innate promise. And what if her Fairy Godmother represented her own ability to midwife her fantastical potential to life?

In this story, Jupiter square Neptune⁠—donning the robes of a Fairy Godmother⁠—dives beneath the surface story of lack and limitation to swim in the intoxicating imagination of a dream-come-true vision. Jupiter-Neptune asks, Why not me? What if I believed in myself so strongly that my inner conviction began building the bridges to opportunities and people that led me to my happily ever after? What if I understood the rules of this waking dream so thoroughly, that I could trip the system like a lucid Magician… and the first rule is BELIEVE?

Tomorrow’s third and final square of Jupiter and Neptune asks us to dream the impossible dream Fairy Godmother style. On the heels of a heroic Mars trine breakthrough Pluto, Here’s a chance to 100% believe in ourselves and have faith in our vision. To know that someday soon, “rainbows will come smiling through” and Prince Charming is just around the corner.

September 19, 2019

Mars trine Pluto & Badassary

Today’s Mars trine Pluto offers us the opportunity to show up as a major player in our lives. Here’s where we take courageous steps to break through whatever has been holding us back. Mars-Pluto grants a reservoir of strength, a You Can Do It attitude. This is when we finally dare to dynamically forge through that daunting Next Steps list or sign up for a course that is a bit out of our budget.

I was reading best seller author and “motivational cattle prod” Jen Sincero this morning. This passage in “You are a Badass at Making Money” is a perfect example of Jen’s Mars trine Pluto moment. She writes: “The knowledge that I could be doing so much better, but wasn’t, finally became so unbearable that I got off my butt and made the hell-bent-for-glory decision to get over my fear and loathing of money and figure out how to make some. And to let myself do it in a way that maybe wasn’t perfect…instead of clinging to the easy out of being unsure. There was no thunderclap ‘aha’ moment; I didn’t narrowly escape dying in a grease fire or get dumped by the love of my life for being such a loser or have some big ‘snap out of it’ epiphany. I just suddenly couldn’t take listening to myself complain anymore. I just finally woke up. Which is how the desire to make massive change kicks in for most people.” Jen began investing in creating a business, her website, and courses to bring her best game forward. It was a game changer for her.

Mars trine Pluto: the desire for massive change. The moment you get tired of the excuses and decide to start investing the next steps, for real. This is when we dig deep, flex those soul muscles and PUSH the vision. Use it wisely!

Art by Eilidh McMillan

September 14, 2019

For the past ten days, Mercury and Venus have shared a busy work space in the industrious Virgo offices. Feeling at home and well equipped, Mercury brainstormed, sent out news releases, and highly performed while Venus did her best PR and social connections role. Truth be told, she’s not at her best in Virgo. But everything changes tomorrow when both Mercury and Venus arrive at socially sophisticated Libra where Venus shines.

I’m reminded of the behind-the-scenes work for charity galas. Mercury in Virgo is the guy who makes all the calls to the vendors, secures the auction pieces, puts together the event timeline, makes sure the wifi will work so people can make online bids, and basically has a mile long string of Post-its next to his wall of all the bits and bobs needed to pull the event off in style. Meanwhile, Venus works in tandem doing the marketing and making personal connections with some of the bigger brands she hopes to pull into the auction net.

Then Gala night arrives and its Libra time. Venus is in the spotlight now, looking spectacular and sophisticated in her evening gown as she glides from table to table, dripping with charisma, complimenting her dress, straightening out his bow tie, and generally charming the entire room with pleasantries and insightful conversation. Meanwhile, Mercury is setting up the internet docks, making sure all the volunteers are in place, tagging the auction pieces, and downing a glass of wine before he joins Venus in the VIP Room to schmooze the big spenders.

Virgo has been extremely productive for many of us. I for one welcome this full moon in Pisces, where I’m reminded that I’m just another note in the music of the spheres. Where I can release into the mystical, magical void where I am no one, where I am One. Where I can shed the ego suit and merge. And as the season moves from Virgo to Libra, it might very well feel like Gala night has arrived. With the entry of Mercury and Venus into charismatic and atheistically pleasing Libra, it’s time to celebrate all that work we accomplished these past few weeks.

Image by @indg0

September 9, 2019

Mars on the Move

Mars is working out this week. On his calendar he has a trine with Saturn today followed by two days off. A square with Jupiter on Thursday. Friday off. And then a steam bath opposing Neptune in the wee hours of Saturday.

Mars harmoniously working together with Saturn in earth signs gives us the drive and determination for steady and focused work. This is the day to put your head down, role your sleeves up, and hammer away like the guy on the Eight of Pentacles. The cosmic weather is serving up an atmosphere where we desire to get things done.

Mars flexes his muscles again on Thursday when he squares an heroic Jupiter in fiery Sag. He’s feeling motivated after his productive push with Saturn. However, in the square, he might be taking on more than he can handle. Combined with Jupiter, the vision could be larger than practicalities allow. It’s good to remember not to over-promise on results you can’t deliver.

Just after midnight (Central Time) on early Saturday, Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in imaginative Pisces, lining up with the Full Moon configuration. As Full Moons are a time of culmination and release, some of us might begin to see the fruits of our labor, not only from our actions inspired by an industrious Mars this week, but from a hard-driving Virgo Season. Our sensitivities are high this day as are our impulses towards creativity and spirituality, making Saturday the perfect day to ground in with music, meditation, and perhaps a bit of unfolding and release in a museum or cinematic experience (or the ocean if you live near one).

The cycle is beginning to shift from Virgo to Libra as Mercury and Venus hold hands and skip into Libra together. The work gloves will start to come off as we embrace balance, beauty, and our relationships.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes

September 2, 2019

Baddabing baddaboom through the Virgo tunnel

Welcome to September! The first half of the month might feel like you’ve moved your Farmer’s Market stand from an obscure corner to the high traffic footpath. Our personal planets are now occupying a part of the sky that allows them to interact with our social and outer planets. As Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury all make their way through Virgo, they’ll each make their own aspects with Saturn (14°), Jupiter (15°), Neptune (17°) and Pluto (20°) assuring a very busy couple of weeks ahead.

Venus leads the way through the sequence of planetary aspects. She made the first trine to Saturn yesterday (4:00pm Central). With Saturn, Venus is interested in creating structures around her themes: love, beauty, pleasure, and finances. This could see some of us balancing our checkbooks, looking at what we plan to spend on this month, scheduling a beauty treatment, figuring out date nights and our social calendar for the week.

Today, Mars presses the refresh button as he joins the Sun (6am Central). This begins a new 2-year cycle for the planet of action, drive, and self assertion. The pulse of this new cycle bakes in the other aspects in the sky. Standouts to me are Mars trine Uranus (risk taking, electrifying, surge of energy, but watch out for recklessness) and Venus square Jupiter + oppose Neptune, which can often over promise, over idealize, and over indulge but also connects through kindness and generosity. Mars is being hosted by a resourceful Mercury riding in his chariot in his own sign of Virgo. Given the inspirational jolts our personal planets had from Uranus last week, and now all the back and forth with the rest of the sky this week as Mars gets a powerful reset, we’ll be motivated to take action and try new things. Perhaps a guiding mantra might be: “Surge wisely”.

Illustration @geniespinosa

August 28, 2019

Soul Loss and the Five of Cups

When I was in Chiapas a few weeks ago, “soul loss” came up several times. Soul loss occurs when a piece of you disassociates and becomes “lost” in reaction to some kind of trauma–accident, abuse, scare. Mothers in this part of Mexico will swing their little ones, calling out their names when they fall or hurt themselves giving their lost pieces the opportunity to come back. In Chamula, the shamans worked on supplicants to recover lost bits. When my cousin was 4 or 5, he was chased by a dog. He never recovered from the scare. He reverted back, forgot how to talk and even how to use the bathroom. Decades later, he functions at child capacity. I wonder if he could have been helped with soul retrieval.

What does this have to do with the Five of Cups? We often think of deep grief and being stuck in paralyzing pain when this card appears. I’m beginning to think of it also as the parts of us we disconnected from so we could save the larger parts of us, needed for day to day functioning. What do we do in present time to compensate for the loss? Do we escape and numb ourselves in self-destructive patterns? Do we find a way to trigger the phantom soul limb in order to return to the scene of the crime in hopes of healing and reintegration? Do our dreams haunt us? Does synchronicity serve up just the right people and circumstances encouraging us to work with the old wound?

Perhaps a helpful clue is to look at Chiron in the birth chart when the Five of Cups appears. Chiron points to our original wounding and the habits we create in order to compensate for it. When we work with Chiron, we alchemize past pain into present wisdom. It becomes a part of our survivor’s kit that we share with others on their journey. There is powerful medicine in the Five of Cups and Chiron when we commit to their healing curriculum.

August 26, 2019

What’s he building in there? “There” is Virgo

Singer songwriter Tom Waits has a song, “What’s he building in there?” which reminds me of the Virgo Show going on in the heavens this week. What are they building in there? Fresh from Leo’s summer camp, Mars-Venus-Sun all went into the workroom of Virgo last week, where they rolled out the whiteboard and started organizing, strategizing, and getting real. One by one, they’ll all be having a harmonious conversation with Uranus this week, bringing back inspiration and new insight to the table.

Venus receives a breakthrough connection with Uranus today which she’ll contribute to the project. Then Mars adds his satchel of iron ore on Wednesday when he’s jolted by the Great Awakener. Mercury joins the workspace on Thursday adding his beautiful optimizing Virgo brain. As the ruler of Virgo, spokesperson Mercury is will equipped to put his talents to use here. Later on the day, the Sun, influenced from his innervating conversation with Uranus and Mercury’s heightened hosting ability, has his ah-ha moment, infusing developments with purpose and identity.

On Friday, Mars and Uranus midwife the birth of the New Moon at 6° Virgo from a newly inspired Sun. Mars is just 1° away and Uranus is a partile trine at 6° Taurus. All this energy in Virgo, including a New Moon, affords us with a powerful chance to set an achievable intention in the Virgo part of our lives. The flowing connection between Mars and Uranus will energize us take that leap of faith and seriously kickstart or revitalize a part of our lives. This is a time to wrestle up the dream, give it some vision architecture, and believe that if you put in the work, you will see results.

For me, Virgo falls in my 7th House of relationships. I’ve had a surge in clients and will be putting the supports in place (website store, more offerings, developing courses) to ride this swell of fortunate energy and create momentum for the future. How about you? Where is Virgo in your chart and how do you plan to work with the New Moon?

Photo of Tom Waits by @mattmahurin

August 23, 2019

Virgo Season: Goal oriented with a touch of magic

My mother grew up on a farm in Argentina alongside 14 siblings, pigs, cows, chicken, horses, bees, sheep, skinny dogs and dozens of crops they grew, including the Yerba Mate trees which were harvested once a year. It was grueling work harvesting yerba mate. An all night job – timing was everything. The entire family participated, even the little ones.

One year, a catastrophic storm came through and lightening struck the two pails my Aunt Juana was carrying, hurling her across the barn and scorching the bottom of the pails. But they continued, through the storm, because it was harvest time. When little hands and big hands became very tired, my uncle Jose would bring out the accordion and play… animo! Then, the strangest thing would happen: the frogs would come out from the wood and high grass and gather near my uncle, a small choir of soft wet heads with bulging eyes enchanted by the hopeful and tired lungs of the accordion.

This story reminds me of Virgo season. Goal oriented. A Just Do It attitude. Yet, as a mutable sign, there’s the flexibility to know when to sit back and catch the magic that perceptible Virgo is always on the watch for. Welcome Sun in Virgo.

Photo by @followmeaway

August 20, 2019

Venus in Virgo: Thoughtful acts of kindness

Early Wednesday morning (4:00am Central) Venus trades in her dramatic extensions and midnight vixen eyeliner for intelligent frames and tailored slacks, basically moving from an Amy Winehouse vibe (Venus in Leo) to Scully #xfiles (#GillianAnderson V in V). Venus in Virgo pays attention to details. She connects with thoughtful acts of kindness, like surprising you with a morning latte and vegan muffin at your desk, showing up with treats for your dog, scheduling your colon cleanse, handing you your bike helmet on your way out the door, or planning out the details of a trip on a spreadsheet, making sure your upcoming vacation is unforgettable.

An hour later, Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Sag ushering in a friendly breeze of confidence and hope that warms the cockles of our heart. This is a great day to interview, offer a community talk or present a workshop. We might find ourselves on the end of some great news as Mercury, the messenger, harmoniously communicates with the benefactor of the Zodiac, Jupiter. The Moon conjunct Uranus around lunchtime (12:30pm Central) might have us energized and pumped on Jupiter’s good news or the great talk we gave.

Midweek is feeling smooth. The Virgo energy is building, encouraging us to act on what inspired us from Leo Season. We’ll be further supercharged to take tangible steps next week as Uranus guest stars, interacting with our personal planets in surprising and enlightening ways.

Illustration by #emilywinfieldmartinart

August 18, 2019

Mars enters Virgo: The first of a party of four

There’s a shift in the air as Mars leaves the warm radiance of heart-centered Leo and steps into the pure efficiency of gut-led Virgo. Taking the lead, Mars—the first planet in the Party of 4—to roll up his sleeves and begin hitting the To Do list which could include setting up a new exercise routine, trying a raw foods diet for a month, or downloading a new scheduling app. Planets in Virgo always aim to optimize.

Virgo is represented by harvest time, where we separate the wheat from the chaff, filtering for the very best. Along the same lines, in the body Virgo rules the intestines, the process of absorption and assimilation, selecting the highest quality nutrients the body requires. Virgo strives for perfection. Their absolute attention to detail and analytic minds make them excellent scientists, editors, project managers, website coordinators, indexers, and event planners. Their fine eye for the nitty-gritty catches things most of us miss and they will make anything—a book, event, website, research—better.

On Wednesday, Venus hangs up her feline prints and gold accessories to strap on a classy timepeace and a pair of understated (but high quality) jeans as she joins Mars in Virgo, eventually forming a conjunction on Saturday. This dynamic duo might make plans to hit the gym together and the smoothie bar afterwards. Or they might volunteer at a homeless shelter and spend the evening watching “Big Dreams Small Spaces” #gardening #Netflix while they carefully tease out knots from necklace strands. In Virgo, Venus connects through service and offering practical acts of kindness. Joined by Mars, she’s even more energized to do this.

Virgo Season officially begins Friday the 23rd when the Sun steps off Leo’s throne and walks barefoot in the tall grass of Virgo’s fields. If you’re not feeling the back-to-school vibe by then, you will be. Enjoy this down-to-earth, efficient, and humble change ushering us into the 3rd week of August. While I’m here: I’ve got my nose to the grindstone for a month. I won’t be posting as often but intend to offer the quality befit to Virgo season.

Photo @followmeaway

August 13, 2019

Venus Reborn

Venus is reborn today as she joins the Sun at 21° Leo, starting a new Venus cycle. When she is within 1° or 17 minutes of the Sun—depending on the astrologer—she is said to be in the “Heart of the Sun” or Cazimi, amping up her power as a super-juiced, purified and reinvigorated Venus. A new chapter begins in the Venusian storylines of connection, alliances, beauty, aesthetics, and values.

Oprah Winfrey has Venus Cazimi in her natal chart and is an exceptional ambassador around the Venusian themes of female empowerment and connection. In her 2005 NAACP Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech, she quoted Maya Angelou, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000” and then added “…to the 10th power!” This truly sums up her powerful Venus Cazimi the Sun in Aquarius: a force for the humanitarian ideals of brother/sisterhood, transcendent love, togetherness and understanding.

It’s interesting to think about the Leo-Aquarius axis: the individual and the community. Oprah acknowledges in her speech that “because they were the seed, I get to be the fruit”. She stands on the shoulders of giants; her contribution is a reflection of generations of hard work, seen and unseen. In essence, her message is the point of karma ripening that—thanks to those before her—society as a whole can be brought together and ideologies that once divided us can be replaced with harmonious ones that unite us. Venus Cazimi the Sun in Aquarius.

With Venus Cazimi the Sun in Leo as it is now, the focus is individual self expression. Whereas Aquarian Oprah serves an evolutionary Venusian focal point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an individual person come to the limelight now who also reflects Venusian principles. Today and up until the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th, Venus has the Sun’s ear. Perhaps we’ll see someone rise to center stage extolling the virtues of encouragement, radiant warmth, and togetherness (Venus in Leo), especially towards the “other” (Aquarius).

Photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, August 2017.

August 11, 2019

Shifting gears with Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury

We’re shifting gears today as Jupiter stations direct at 14 Sag, Uranus stations retrograde at 6 Taurus, and Mercury re-enters Leo to join Venus, the Sun, and Mars all celebrating in the Sun’s sign. The Sagittarius and Pisces areas of our life—ruled by Jupiter—might have been on the table, getting measured, edited, and planned on. Now we can swing that fabric of our life through the needle of wisdom, hope, and opportunity Jupiter offers us.

Uranus will travel back the rest of 2019 to 2° Taurus in January of 2020 re-awakening the early degrees of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This can be the time some of us surrender to the shifts that want to move us in a different direction, the unfolding of our lives becoming increasingly urgent as we move into the powerful astrology of 2020.

There’s somewhat of an energetic pause today, one that feels full of eminent potential, that seeks to align us with our sense of purpose and radiance of being as we welcome Mercury into life-affirming Leo. I’m thinking of standing in the church in Chamula yesterday. There were thousands of candles lit on tables. People chanted and prayed as shamans waved chickens over supplicants, retrieving parts of their soul that had been lost along the way. Men and women on their knees in reverence, internally active. Pine boughs carpeting the floor and filling the air with purification and fresh beginnings. Above me, the ceiling had been painted with the Sun, Moon and Stars, and in the four corners I saw: The Bull, The Snake & The Eagle, The Lion, and The Jaguar (instead of the cherub). I thought of Uranus stationing and the power in being still enough to allow natural change to awaken us. Further down, as I looked into the mirrors hanging on the Saints placed there to allow travel to other dimensions, I felt a small wind around me. But there was no wind: the candles flickered, the giant tapestries hung motionless; yet there was wind. It was like the majestic pause of Jupiter and Uranus at that moment preparing to change direction, requesting that I remember this significant point in time.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes

August 8, 2019

Five of Pentacles: Disconnection from Land & Ancestors

The Five of Pentacles appears when there’s a contraction around finances, our values, and our connection to Earth. We usually associate this card with poverty, a scarcity mindset, and worry about the future. I’m in San Cristobal de las Casas right now (a few hours from the Guatemalan border), and despite the real struggle for many families in this part of the world to survive, there is a sense of contentment here. They don’t have the same kind of loss around family structure and deep connection to land + ancestors + traditional language that I’ve experienced growing up in USA that I believe causes soul loss.

Yesterday I visited the Museum of Mayan Medicine. The Mayans had six types of healers: the candle maker, the midwife, the herbalist, the bone doctor, the pulsero (understood disease through strength of pulse and voice), and the Mountaintop Prayer Healer (or Koponei Witz). The Koponei Witz prayed to the spirits of the mountain to be kind to the crops and to provide for the people. They had direct communication with the land and a vital connection that we’ve lost long ago, but that many people are trying to recover now as we remember the importance of revering the land and our ancestors.

I thought of how the fives are connected to the Hierophant. In the town I visited, there is a police force and a spiritual council. They work together with the community to keep peace. The church is filled with leaves, flowers, candles and mirrors instead of saints and pews. People come to this spiritual hospital to have the shaman work on the energetic plugs that are causing disease. Generations of families pass down herbal knowledge and take care of one another financially. Nobody is alone, isolated, or stuck in a care facility. The native language is taught in schools as the primary language, ensuring the preservation of a way of thought. If you’re bilingual, you know that they way you speak changes the way that you think.

It seems to me that the real poverty and scarcity mindset in the Five of Pentacles is the disconnection from land, ancestors, generational support, mother tongue, and deep respect for the environment. When I think of the contrast of living in isolated bubbles eating processed food and no connection to the spirit of the land, I understand the Five of Pentacles in a much deeper way.

August 2, 2019

Everything is always working for us

In Judgement (or Awakening as other decks call it) we understand that everything was always working for us, that we were never alone, and that if it hadn’t happened exactly as it did, we wouldn’t be here now: woke and dripping with gratitude. It’s no surprise that Pluto rules Judgement. Pluto’s principles are the shadow. Here we find the processes of breakdown, destruction, and then the impulse towards transformation and rebirth. We find power, violence, and trauma, and the thrust towards resurrection. In Judgement, we alchemize the shadow into light. Those traumatic experiences that brought us (and our ancestors) down to our knees, transform into our allies. In the long game, they were the exact experiences and people we needed for our soul’s evolution.

In mid August, I will be leading a group of 40 women with individual astro-tarot readings. Judgement shows up reversed for me this month as I’ll be guiding them through their own darkness and light. I’ll be stepping into The Lovers by providing a compassionate reflection of the gifts they have to offer and the challenges they’ve yet to alchemize into their skillset. The Lovers often appear when there’s a harmonious union of kindred spirits, whether it be a lover, friend, client, or family member. At its core, The Lovers opens a portal for loving connection to come through; we decide to go through or not. I appreciate that this card is ruled by Gemini: the pollinator and disseminator of ideas of the zodiac. It sweetly joins Judgement reversed in a month that I’m so, so looking forward to.

August 1, 2019

Venus Square Uranus: Straight up Villanelle

Venus in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus early tomorrow morning (5am Central). Relationship issues might flare up at this time. Things we didn’t see coming might make a sudden appearance. Venus strives to bring us together, finding common ground and relatedness; in Leo, she does so with great panache.

Anyone watch Killing Eve? I won’t give anything away, but Venus moves at the moment remind me of the showy and dramatic manner in which assassin Villanelle “courts” agent Eve Polastri – one surprise gesture of “please see me… you know you want me” after another. At essence, she is trying to connect with Eve. Her luring style reflects a Venusian force of leonine attraction at play.

Eve (Sandra Oh) demonstrates another transit also occurring tomorrow: Pallas Athene (force of creative intelligence) squaring Lord of the Underworld Pluto (shadow work, depth psychology, truth coming out). Like Pallas, Eve can “grok” the assassin’s pattern of behavior so well that she understands the core of Villanelle, what motivates her and the messages she’s sending. Eve gets into her head to connect the dots of this machiavellian mastermind = Pallas square Pluto to a tee!

Then there’s Chiron in Aries trine Venus. We’re back to Villanelle whose original wounding may go back to Chiron in Aries with themes of half-of-a-half penny of self worth, deep seated rage, and a “Little Red Hen” belief that she can’t rely on anyone and has to take care of herself. Her theatrics to get Eve’s full attention stems from not being seen or wanted, Chiron in Aries.

As the days turn and the planets dial forward, Venus will trine Jupiter on the 8th. Villanelle will go on a spending spree, buying herself and Eve designer clothes. IRL, we or another might buy flowers or make a grand overture of peace + love. Then on August 14th, V/V comes out from hiding under the beams to conjunct the Sun, a heart to heart moment where Villanelle is seen. I haven’t gotten this far in the series, but given the radiant sweetness and positivity of Venus Cazimi in Leo, I’m placing my bet on passionate fireworks, at least for some of us. Stay tuned!

July 31, 2019

Eclipse Season is officially over

Eclipse season is officially over and it kind of felt like a strenuous relay race where our mettle was tested. One by one, team members Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun each passed through the gauntlet of Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto—a trio of excruciating climbs—where they (and we) faced fears and limitations, let go of excess baggage, and pulled on core resolve to keep chugging along.

It’s the day after as we sit around the fire of the New Moon in Leo (11:12pm ET) feeling heroic and renewed. Mercury (who stations direct today), feeling nostalgic in the waters of Cancer, regals us with stories of the terrain we passed as we moved along the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Stories of surrendering outgrown structures, responsibilities, and power issues as we embraced family, nurturing our loved ones, and examining ancestral patterns . . . themes that will continue for another year as we enter eclipse season again in December and next July.

But for now, it’s time for some play as the new moon in Leo encourages us to tap into our creativity, confident self expression, and heart-centered power. The first half of August gives us a bit of warmth and reprieve although there may be some surprises regarding relationships as Venus gets ready to square “to thy own self be true” Uranus. During this time, Jupiter will bless our gallant runners—Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury (once he’s crossed from Water into Fire)—with hope, vision, and a friendly trine as they recover their shine in Leo.

Image by @amerkaricdesign

July 27, 2019

Diva Whisperer Venus in Leo

Hey hey! The red carpet has been rolled out in Leo in preparation for Venus’s grand entry just before 9pm Central time tonight!

Venus in Leo is like a Diva Whisperer that feeds just the right love language into the nerdy guy’s headpiece who is trying hard to win over the affections of his heart’s desire. Venus in glamorous Leo brims over the sides with a fluid confidence and seismic charisma, attracting an entire room just by being their Star Quality Self. She knows just the right moves to connect and captivate. This Diva Whisperer advises to go all out, buy the most expensive thing on the menu, come fashionably dressed, and tip extra to sit in the best seat in the house. Leo in Venus attracts with luxury, flattery, fun, and 5 star experiences all the while turning the charm dial to 💯.

I could see Jason Momoa coaching our uncertain Romeo how to court his Juliete. Not only is he our representative for Venus in Leo, sexy and dignified Drogo has his Sun + Mercury + Jupiter in Leo as well. Like the proud Lion, Jason is devoted to his family, wife Lisa Bonet and three daughters, while exuding the playfulness and charisma of a stellium in Leo. Perhaps he’d advise us that as the moon draws near its Balsamic Phase, to take the kids out (or your inner child) for a special treat at Luxury Cinema, nestling in to watch The Lion King with $14 XL popcorn.

Art by @replaceface .

July 25, 2019

Today’s Astrotarot pairing: A Love Story

Have you seen this movie? Big love ➝ Break-up ➝ Flight leaving ➝ Taxi run ➝ Mad dash to departure gate ➝ Tearful Reunion? It’s playing in the skies today and starring the Knight of Cups.

The eclipse season was rough on our Knight. Torn between duty and love, he chose duty which aligned with his mind but definitely not with his heart. When Venus opposed Pluto, he and his beloved twisted the rubik’s cube of their options in every possible direction but simply couldn’t align their relationship to their changing lives. They decided to split.

Heartbroken, the Knight grieved his lover. And as Mercury back up into Venus yesterday in the sweet and nostalgic waters of Cancer, he knew he couldn’t let the best thing that ever happened to him disappear from his life forever. He would never make such beautiful memories with anyone; it wasn’t possible.

So early this morning, emboldened by the magical spinach of Mars trine Jupiter, he made his passionate, Knightly move. As he rushed to the airport and looked out the taxi window, he imagined the 3rd Quarter Moon urging him on, reorienting him to the path of his dreams. Mars trine Jupiter pulsed through his veins, filling him with the most exuberant and optimistic fire. Oh yes, he was full of confidence and verve as his heart beat energetically and he spilled out onto the sidewalk, running through the airport like a blur, and reaching the departure gate Just In Time.

How does it end? Well, the script is in the skies: With an upcoming new moon in Leo (removed from the responsibilities and purging of Saturn + Pluto + South Node) and the upcoming, glorious entry of Lady Love Venus into Leo, I’d say the heart wins this time.

July 20, 2019

Venus oppose Pluto: One doggy’s transit

Venus oppose Pluto (exact tomorrow) can manifest in a number of ways. But essentially it’s pitting Venus, our urge to mate and relate, connect and harmonize, against Pluto, the penetrating force of regeneration and transformation. In other words, this duo can take us to our ultimate depths so we can get clear on what’s real and begin to rebuild from that place.

This weekend’s Venus opposite Pluto may have some of us feeling obsessive (and even compulsive) about our relationships. And given the assembly line of planets that have recently come across the scrutiny of Saturn and Pluto, perhaps we’ll find ourselves seeking resolution once and for all by getting to the bottom of the issue. Mercury backing up into the heart of the Sun tomorrow morning may just be the moment we need to find clarity and understand where we stand once and for all.

Venus opposing Pluto has shown up in another way for me. My sweet dog, Yara (pictured)⁠—a rescue pup I found on the streets of San Miguel 7 weeks ago⁠—was spayed today. Her body literally underwent a Venus/Pluto opposition. Venus is also trining anesthetic Neptune as she’s recovering in her bed in a drug induced sleep. The thing about astrology is that 1) it works and 2) the symbolism can manifest in so many different kinds of scenarios. But when we use the core meanings of the archetypes, we can see just how powerful it is.

July 18, 2019

A fictional story of one Venus on the move

Venus has been riding in the Sun’s tailwind. She’s 7° behind, pulling out of the North Node. I can picture her getting on the CB radio and asking the Sun: What was your opposition to Saturn + South Node like? How about that Lunar Eclipse? What did you and Neptune trine about? Was Pluto a total sh*t show? I bet you’re excited to be crossing the border into your home country, Leo, on Monday!

Venus is comparing notes. Yesterday, opposing Saturn, she got a ring on her finger from a guy she’s been dating for forever AND a promotion at work = bigger salary 🙂 + tighter schedule :(. Things felt fated as she sat there on the North Node. She’s been crafting her vision of the future and the Lunar Eclipse accelerated that vision with a surprise proposal and promotion. But with Mercury Retrograde, she knows things could move around still.

She’s going to work a half day today and celebrate with her good friend Neptune early evening as they trine at a benefit art walk w/drinks, then maybe more drinks (and a Lyft) at Neptune’s favorite jazz bar afterwards.

She’s still not sure how the Pluto opposition on Sunday is going to pan out . . . but given the Saturnian + fated flavor to Tuesday’s Full Moon, maybe she’ll come clean on that thing she’s been meaning to tell him about that One Time. It’s been weighing on her. She knows trust is everything. This could ruin everything or make them stronger than ever. But for today, as she trines Neptune, she’s feeling all kinds of inspired and in love with life.

Art by Isabelle Kelly-Ramirez

July 16, 2019

Six of Cups, Four of Pentacles, and the Six of Swords holding space for Eclipse Season

There’s a karmic story that began its unfolding last summer when our Capricorn/Cancer axis came into focus with a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The Six of Cups found some of us reaching for emotional fulfillment and the desire to be whole—a new start. There was a sense of hope and nostalgic embrace of the past believing that certain people and events were part of our destiny. We could recover, heal, and move on. We could do it better this time. Perhaps we committed to a path, somewhat tentatively, to see where it would go.

The Four of Pentacles finds us holding on, protecting ourselves, perhaps wary of rocking the boat. As we moved into this summer’s eclipse season, we were confronted with inner and outer turbulence asking us: Is this it? Can I let go? What would it look like if I walked away and into the direction of my highest integrity? The transformative force of Pluto confronts us with our shadow, our secrets, and our deepest desires, leading us by a reluctant hand to face some hard truths. Saturn reminds us that our time here is limited: is this how we want to spend it? The Four of Pentacles advises to check for scarcity mindset. Are we afraid that this is as good as it gets? That if we let him/her/it/theJob go, that we’ll lose? Has a false sense of security gripped on to our ability to do what’s most aligned with our “soft animal body to love what it loves”? Today’s Lunar Eclipse wants to know.

Where do we go from here? The Six of Swords leads us to the next Solar Eclipse on December 26 when we’ll have a New Moon in Capricorn and a new start to set our sights on. The sixes show recovery from the contraction of the fives. In summer of 2018, we were working towards wholeness of the relationships and our emotional well-being (6Cups). December will see us working with our perspective(s). Perhaps some of us will be moving on or at least making adjustments to face the hard truths, insecurities, and soft spots that we’re working with now. This is the Six of Swords, inviting us to move on from the things that hold us back, and to accept transition as a natural part of life.

These words won’t resonate with everyone—they aren’t meant to. But if they do with you, be kind to yourself. Accept where you’re at. We’re all learning and trying the best as we can as we do this Earthly pilgrimage.

July 14, 2019

Sun stands opposite Pluto: Processing shadow

“In dreams begin responsibility.” ~William Butler Yeats.

Perhaps it’s the Moon conjunct Jupiter as I write this, but I believe we can have everything we dream of. We just have to know what we want, exactly, and what we’re willing to let go of in order to make room for our dream to take root and grow.

June and July have been moving us closer to realizing our dreams by confronting us with our fears, our responsibilities, and our power. Through Mercury, we’ve been looking at the things we tell ourselves. Perhaps we can rewrite some outdated scripts that were formed as defense mechanisms we no longer need defending from. Mars has asked us—quite powerfully in a square to Uranus—how do we assert our authentic selves and go after the life that we deserve? What’s blocking us from using our muscle wholeheartedly? How do we sabotage ourselves back into the safety of our routines that offer no real space for our dreams?

Today the Sun stands opposite Pluto offering us the opportunity to process our shadow. Part of us would prefer to project that shadow onto other people and circumstances; it’s safer to do that than to realize our full potential. But just like the woman loosely bound in the 8 of Swords, we can remove the blindfold and the victim-mentality wrapping the that has kept us safe and swaddled in our own ignorance. These transits may be tough medicine, but ultimately they’re here to control-burn what we need to release and break us free from soul-numbing stagnation.

We can work with this. Venus—The Fixer—will make her own pass at Saturn on the 17th and Pluto on the 19th. She carries connection, love and balance in her medicine bag. She’s looking for harmonious resolution of our values. We can help her by 1) practicing non-attachment and 2) focusing on our dream. When the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, the contractions will be over. So let’s take advantage of this week’s energy and push towards aligning with the life we deserve.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes